About L

In the spring of 2017, L The Rover came into existence in my search for meaning and purpose and in the pursuit of knowledge & inner peace. To live a full life, I understood that it’s a passion that keeps us striving and exploring. The journey of a seeker has led to many lessons, treasures, and pleasures. We would love to continuously share those with you through our artistic expression.

Nwora (Left) is a communications specialist with experience in several industries such as advertising and magazine. We joined forces last year autumn to become business partners, with a shared mission to influence and make the world a better place through art.

Emmanuel (Right) known as L, and a visual artist who explores consciousness through bold, vibrant, engaging paintings. My art has been introspective to understand myself and the world around me, a search for light, love and something more than my physical body.

My work is influenced by environmentalism, speciesism and morality among most things. My roots began in Ghana before living in the United Kingdom, a clash of modern contemporary art and vibrant simplistic African art.

Transitioning to a vegan diet years ago has transformed and added value to my life. The area impacted the most has been my spirituality, understanding and appreciation of our planet, and desire to impact our society in a positive way.

Our mission is to make our world a beautiful place.